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What is the volunteer program?

The North Delta Football Club relies on the dedication of volunteers to ensure a successful season. As a volunteer organization, we encourage all soccer families to contribute in some capacity and become actively involved. Volunteers are the backbone of our club, enabling us to maintain our commitment to delivering high-quality soccer programs.

  • we require each family to contribute a minimum of 2 volunteer hours for the Fall/Winter League program

  • the fee is $50 per family


If I have more than one child in the club, do I need to do volunteer hours for each child?

No, the volunteer fee of $50 is applicable to the entire family, regardless of the number of children. Each family is only required to complete only 2 volunteer hours.


Do I need to do volunteer hours for Spring Season?

Volunteer hours are not required during the Spring League season.  Please note that any volunteer hours conducted during the Spring Season, will be accounted for the following Fall/Winter Season.  Please ensure you communicate your hours to your coach/team manager in the Fall/Winter Season so it can be properly tracked.


When do I need to complete my volunteer hours?

You can complete your hours from August to March for the Fall/Winter season.


If I’m volunteering as a Coach or Team Manager, do I need to do additional volunteering?

No, if you are volunteering in these important club roles, you do not need to complete any further hours.


Does volunteering for my team count?

Yes, they do!  Depending on the age group, there are multiple things that parents can do to support their team. 

  • Setting up corner flags/nets on goals

  • Linesman

  • Coordinating uniform pick up and distribution

  • Coach back up/parent helper (CRC required)

  • Team treasurer for older age groups

  • Tracker for volunteer hours for the team

Are there volunteer opportunities outside of my team?

We have lots of opportunities throughout the season for volunteering outside of your team.  Here are a few examples:

  • Herb Betts Jamboree/Spring BBQ – cleaning, set up, cooking, selling gear

  • Pancake Breakfast  – cleaning, set up, cooking, selling

  • Thanksgiving Tournament – setting up fields, booth rep, concession, cleaning

  • Delta Days Booth – handing out flyers, booth representative

  • Club Mascot

  • Equipment Distribution/Organizing

  • Junior Coaching for Academy/Intro Programs/Camps - must be a player 14 years of age or older

  • Age Group Coordinator

Is there any opportunity for my kids to volunteer as well?

Only U14+ players can volunteer for Junior Coaching opportunities throughout the season.


How do I find out about volunteering opportunities?

Check your email in-box for volunteering opportunities that will be communicated throughout the season.


We kindly request that if you sign up to volunteer for one of our club events and are unable to attend, you provide a 24-hour notice to the Volunteer Coordinator. Failure to do so will result in a $50 charge.


If you sign up to volunteer and do not show up or provide a 24 hour notice, you will be charged the $50 volunteer fee. 


What if I don’t want to complete my volunteer hours?  Can I just pay the $50?

Yes, when registering, you can opt to pay the fee at that time.

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