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Notice to membership - Nov 20,2020

Dear NDFC Members,

Yesterday, Dr. Bonnie Henry implemented province-wide restrictions. These restrictions are in effect immediately till Dec 7th at midnight.

The following items pertain specifically to outdoor sports:

  • No spectators at the field for games or practices.

  • No inter-regional travel (we are still waiting for clarification on the specifics of this from Via Sport).

It is of importance to note that Dr. Henry has publicly stated that outdoor contact sports with natural physical distancing (soccer is one of those sports) pose a low risk of Covid transmission. Dr. Henry also stated that they are seeing the transmissions in the pre and post-game congregations. For this reason, they have banned spectators from practices and games for the next 2 weeks. The City of Delta has informed the club that they will be monitoring the parks for compliance. If we are found not in compliance, they can withdraw our field permits, and we will no longer be able to play soccer. All of our cooperation in these matters is needed!

Travel for Soccer:

The issue of travel was brought up by Dr. Henry, and BC Soccer and ViaSprot are asking for clarification on exactly what that will mean for soccer and our leagues. Once we receive this update, we will forward it to the members.

Protocols and procedures under the new restrictions:

It is important that we all do our part to minimize the chance of contraction of the virus as well as the spread of the virus.

  • Coaches MUST wear masks (if they cannot wear a mask, then a face shield will need to be worn).

  • Coaches will need to maintain social distancing from other coaches and players wherever possible during practices and games.

  • It is STRONGLY suggested that players wear masks to and from the park for the overall safety of all. Players are welcome to remove their masks once on the field.

  • During games, it is STRONGLY suggested that players on the sideline put their masks on until they are subbed back into the game.

  • Balls should not be touched by hands by either coaches or players. If they are, they will need to be re-sanitized. Only goalies with their own goalie gloves can touch the balls during practices or games.

  • Hand sanitization before entering the park and when leaving the park

  • Sanitize the equipment after each use.

  • Leave the field of play as soon as possible to give the next group a clear field.

Parent Monitoring:

Parents, please continue to monitor your child for any symptoms and if you see any, please keep your child home until the symptoms have passed. If the symptoms continue, call 811 or contact your family doctor for more direction.

If we all abide by the items listed above, we will be doing our part to keep our children and families safe! We understand that up-to-date information is crucial to the membership, and we will continue to process the information and pass it onto the membership.

At NDFC, our number one priority is maintaining a safe soccer zone for our membership.


North Delta FC

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