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NDFC Strategic Plan - December 8th, 2023

Dear NDFC Members,

The Board of Directors and staff are pleased to share with all members of NDFC our three-year strategic plan (2024-2027). The strategic plan maps out long-term goals and objectives for NDFC between now and 2027.

It allows the Board of Directors and staff to make decisions on allocating resources to pursue and realize the strategy, it’s a framework to proactively address issues with a more long-term view.

The work put forward by the board and staff played an imperative role in getting the strategic plan across the finish line. The strategic plan is ambitious and exciting, with detailed, measurable targets that everyone involved with the club can get behind and support.

If we can achieve what has been laid out, NDFC will be an even more exciting, fun, and uplifting club to be a part of.


Thank you,

Board of Directors and Staff

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