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Fall/Registration - Now Open

Dear NDFC Parents,

NDFC is pleased to announce that we have officially opened fall registration on our website At this time we are still under Phase 1 of the BC Soccer return to play program. We are hopeful that we will be moving to Phase 2 and playing games this fall; however we have not had any formal communication from BC Soccer on when that may be.

NDFC understands that it may be difficult for families to commit to the fall program without knowing what that will look like. Therefore, we will be providing payment options to assist all members during registration.

Families who have not yet registered for fall programs will be offered a payment plan option for registration. For those families who would rather pay for their registration in full, that option will still be available.

Families who have already registered for fall programs, and have paid a deposit will be provided with a link that will have payment options for the remainder of your fees.

Please click below for payment plan options available for families looking to register for fall programs for NDFC.

For families who may require financial assistance, below are links to two programs that may assist you:

​**If the fall season is affected or cancelled due to COVID 19, NDFC will have a refund policy in place. Details to follow.



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