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In an ongoing effort to better assess our players, we are asking all coaches U8 + to assess their players throughout the season so that it can assist the club plan for the Spring & Fall Programs, especially during our upcoming Assessments process.  The club hopes that ALL coaches fill out these forms so that we can include this as part of the Assessment process.  Your feedback is highly important to the club!



TEAM Player Evaluation Form

Please find below the link to the Team Evaluation form.  This a tool that is very beneficial to track the overall performance of your team and individual players. This helps the coaches and the club with overall player evaluation and it also helps with feedback if parents approach the coach or club about one of your players. When these evaluations are completed, we can see an exact snapshot of where the player stands within their team. The club will require this form to be filled completely and returned to the club by January 16, 2022. We will be completing another one before the assessments or team formation meetings that will take place in March/April so that we can compare and identify if there has been any improvement or decline in individual performance.

(download the document in Excel, do not use this document on google sheets)

INDIVIDUAL Player Evaluation Form (Player Report Card)

Please find below the link to the individual player evaluation form that is recommended to be filled out by the Coaches twice a year, once during Dec/Jan, and once before the end of the season, Mar/Apr. This form is for the coach to give the parent/player feedback on how their player is developing.   Please ensure you provide HONEST feedback to the parent/player on their current skill level, areas needing improvement, and what they can do on their own time to continue their development.  Being honest is extremely important as this sets the player's expectations and helps parents understand what their child needs to work on. These report cards do not need to come into the club.


With certain ages (ie:  U15+), you would not need parents involved while providing this form to players however it’s really up to the coach on how he wants to involve the parents with player feedback. The form is very simple and self-explanatory. (1 is excellent - and 4 is below the level).   Rate the player against the team overall average.

  • This form does not need to be handed to the CLUB



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