2017 Player Assessments

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As represented in North Delta Soccer Club’s mission statement, the club wants to ensure that our players are in a positive environment allowing them to participate at a level of their abilities and desire, to accomplish this we hold assessments to give players the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to our technical staff.

The assessment process is a combination of past season coaches assessments that have been completed throughout the previous season as well as post season assessment sessions. There are generally 1-3 post season assessment sessions per age group depending on age and numbers of players. Post season assessment sessions are run by team coaching staff in conjunction with technical staff coaches.

Player performance in training and games during the previous season is taken into consideration during the selection process.  All players interested in playing at the REP level are required to attend all assessment sessions. A player that has to miss assessments due to injury, illness or other valid reasons, must contact us to arrange an alternative means of assessment. They must register for assessments and contact our technical staff for permission to miss an assessment date.

Assessments is the main opportunity for players to showcase their abilities and earn selection to the team for the following season. The post-season assessments will provide a final opportunity for coaching staff to consider players for selection as they are being assessed against other players who may be new to the Club or new to the divisional level.

At the conclusion of the final assessment, the Rep team coach (in consultation with the Club’s Technical Staff) will be asked to finalize the team roster, and email notices will be prepared for each player advising them that they have made the team, or if they have not been selected at this time. It is important that we have an accurate email address for all players. Please be careful when adding your email address to the system.

As all age groups will have assessments to select multiple teams at the same time we will have a systematic offer and acceptance process. You will receive an email from the Club as soon as the team selection process has been completed and approved by the technical staff. The email received will require the player to accept the position on the team within 48 hours and complete registration. You will be given a link to an online form that will guide you through accepting the position. If you do not accept the position within 48 hours the club may move on to another player down the list.

Assessment Process

Player must register online and pay the one time $15 Assessment fee.

A schedule of Assessment times is posted under "Schedules", please make sure players attend the correct assessment times. In the event of technical issues those registered for assessments will receive a an updated schedule in the event of any changes.  Please note that times are subject to change. 

Age levels for the 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Season are as follows:

      U11 – players born 2007

      U12 – players born 2006

      U13 – players born 2005

      U14 – players born 2004

      U15 – players born 2003

      U16 – players born 2002

      U17 – players born 2001

      U18 – players born 2000

Any questions can be directed to registrar@ndysc.com

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