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2013 NDSC Bronze Tournament

Schedules subject to change. Check back often for updates.

Updated: 2014-03-10 18:10

2014 NDSC BRONZE SCHEDULE  -  Mar 15-16, 2014        
Coordinator: Bruno Gren: 604-543-6292. email -       Goals/nets  
              Set UP or  
Date Time Home  Away   Location   Take Down  
Mar-15 Saturday              
  9:00am U11 Celtic U11 Bulls S8 Delsom S   Up & Down  
  9:00am U11 Outlaws U12 Pantherz S8 Delsom M   Up & Down  
  9:00am U12 Habisch U11 Polishak S8 Delsom N   Up & Down  
  9:00am U14 Rangers U15 86ers F Chalmers   UP  
  10:30am U15 Force U16 Synergy F Delsom   Up  
  10:30am U17 Raiders U16 Eagles F Chalmers      
  Noon U14 Rangers U13 Hotspurs F Delsom   Down  
  Noon U15 86ers U13 Whitecaps F Chalmers   Down  
  1:30pm U12 Pantherz U11 Strikers S8 Delsom S   Up & Down  
  1:30pm U12 Habisch U11 Proctor S8 Delsom M   Up & Down  
  1:30pm U11 Celtic U11 Outlaws S8 Delsom N   Up & Down  
  2:00pm U15 Force U16 Eagles Chalmers   Up & Down  
  3:00pm U17 Raiders U15 Silvers F Delsom   Up & Down  
Mar-16 Sunday              
  8:15am U11 Bulls U12 Pantherz S8 Delsom M   Up & Down  
  8:15am U11 Strikers U11 Outlaws S8 Delsom N   Up & Down  
  8:15am U13 Whitecaps U12 Habisch S8 Delsom S   Up & Down  
  9:30am U15 Force U15 86ers/Royals F Delsom   Up & Down  
  10:00am U16 Synergy U17 Raiders F Chalmers   Up & Down  
  11:00am U11 Celtic U11 Strikers S8 Delsom S   Up & Down  
  11:00am U11 Proctor U11 Polishak S8 Delsom M   Up & Down  
  11:00am U11 Outlaws U11 Bulls S8 Delsom N   Up & Down  
  12:30pm U12 Habisch U14  Rangers F Delsom   UP     
  12:30pm U13 Hotspurs U13 Whitecaps F Chalmers   Up & Down  
  2:00pm U16 Synergy U16 Eagles F Delsom      
  2:30pm U13 Hotspurs U11 Proctor /Polishak F Chalmers   Up & Down  
  3:30pm ND Coaches ND Alumni Delsom   Down  
      26 Games          
    F = Full sized field and goals. Size 5 ball. Offsides in opponents half      
    S8 = 2/3 sized field and goals. Size 4 ball. Offsides in final 1/3        
    Delsom Turf 114th and 86th          
    Chalmers 112/75th - behind Burnsviw School      
    Westview (Alternate) Westview Dr (between 72nd and 64th)      
  Delsom Turf    86/114th          
  Westview    Westview Dr (between 72nd and 64th)      
  Chalmers   112th / 75th - behind Burnsview School      
  SET UP   set up nets, corner flags          
  TAKE DOWN  take down nets, corners flags - return to storage boxes        

Field Rules:
- No Food, gum or drink other than water on synthetic turf fields.
- No pop-up tents, canopies, benches, or chairs on synthetic turf field surface.
- Use rubberized cleats only and clean your cleats before entering the field
- Please, no spectators on synthetic turf fields.
- Please vacate the field as soon as possible after a game is over to make room for the next group.
- If yours is the last game of the day, or last 8v8 game before switching to 11v11, please securely put away all nets and flags.
Thank you.

Created by: NDSC -- Last updated:Mar 10, 2014