Practices Cancelled - December 5th

Due to the weather conditions and unplayable fields, all practices that are scheduled for tonight on turf fields have been cancelled. 

For teams practicing tomorrow and Wednesday, please check your email for any cancellations.

Spring Soccer - Registration Open - November 29, 2016

Our Spring Soccer Programs are now open!
Click on each program to find out more information and to Register.


Spring League
1 Training Session and 1 Game per week
10 week program - $155 Registration Fee
Start Date:  April 2017 (start date TBA)

Spring Academy
1 Training Session per week - Friday evenings
10 week program - $135 Registration Fee
Start Date:  April 2017 (start date TBA)

Spring Break Camp
 5 day Camp (Monday to Friday)
Dates:  March 13-17, 2017
Registration Fees:  U6-U7 $55/U8-U12 $95


Coastal Cup District Play Down Rules - November 26, 2016

To view the Coastal Cup District Play Down Rules for 2016.2017, please click HERE

NDSC Academy Training Center - November 23, 2016

1/2 Season Winter Academy Program - Registration Now Open!


We are pleased to open up registration for our Academy 1/2 Season Program.  Register soon to avoid disappointment as we have limited spots in each Academy Program.  Click HERE to find out more information.

Futsal Tournament December 17&18 - November 22, 2016

Soccer Express Sale - November 17, 2016

December 10th Pancake Breakfast - November 17, 2016

Youth Competitions Dates 2017 - November 13, 2016


Click HERE for Youth Competitiion Dates.


Delta Coastal Selects Announces U13 Intake Coaches - November 13, 2016

Click HERE to view the DCS Annoucement


Concussion Awareness - November 13, 2016

Check out this useful APP For Concussion Awareness

Youth Abuse Notice to Coaches - November 13, 2016

Atention: All Adult Coaches involved in Soccer in BC

From: BC Soccer

Re: Misconduct by Adults against Youth

BC Soccer supports equal opportunity, prohibits discriminatory practices, and is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect.  All of us agree that the protection of youth is of the utmost importance.  In alignment with this BC Soccer over the last 2 years has made a determined effort to crack down on incidents of misconduct by adults against youth/minor aged members (players, referees, volunteers, etc.).  

Upon receipt of such reports, BC Soccer may suspend the individual immediately and indefinitely pending the result of their discipline hearing. BC Soccer will directly handle all misconduct against youth by adults that includes but is not limited to:

  • Verbal or physical abuse of a youth

  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while in the proximity of youth

  • Threatening remarks to a youth

  • Improper or unwanted physical contact with a youth

  • Coercion, suggesting, facilitating, or demanding youth to undertake unethical activity or breaks rules

  • Harassment or bullying of youth

  • Sexual innuendo, request for sexual favours or any sexual contact with youth or in the proximity of youth

  • Consuming alcohol or drugs or smoking in proximity to youth

  • Lewd or improper behaviour towards youth or in the proximity of youth

  • Endangerment of youth

  • Failure to provide a safe environment for youth

  • Failure to protect youth

Where an individual is found guilty of misconduct against a youth, it will attract sanctions of greater severity with the high likelihood of being seen as egregious or serious. Some examples of possible sanctions from BC Soccer’s Discipline Sanction Guideline are:


RECOMMENDED SANCTION (when against youth)

Unethical Behaviour

6 to 60 months all soccer related activity

Verbally abusive behaviour

6 to 60 months all soccer related activity

Threatening an Official

Up to a lifetime ban from all soccer related activity

Physical contact with an official

Up to a lifetime ban from all soccer related activity

Publicly Posted Discipline Results

On, BC Soccer publicly posts all adults under suspensions which are 6 months or greater. You can visit this page here -

For more information on the stronger stance against youth abuse in soccer see this following article -

BC Soccer Discipline Overview

Players, team officials, game officials, clubs, districts and leagues (and their appointees, volunteers and staff) have a duty and responsibility to conduct themselves appropriately while respecting the FIFA Laws of the Game, BC Soccer rules, regulations, policies and the rules of the clubs, districts and leagues.

BC Soccer Rule 10 - Discipline provides BC Soccer broad responsibility to ensure the proper conduct of all individuals involved in sanctioned soccer.


BC Soccer - BC Soccer holds the jurisdiction for discipline over all of its member organizations. The main areas in which BC Soccer administers discipline directly are:

  • BC Soccer Provincial Championships and Regional Qualifying Competitions

  • Club/District/League Administrators and Executives

  • Egregious Offenses

  • Referee Abuse

  • Matters that are referred to BC Soccer for any number of reasons

Full Member Organization (Youth Districts & Adult Leagues) - Full Member Organization of BC Soccer (Youth Districts and Adult Leagues) are empowered to handle any/all matters that relate to individuals and clubs that are registered within them, unless specifically specified in BC Soccer’s Discipline Policy. For example, a player registered with a club/team is under the jurisdiction of their Youth District/Adult League, therefore that district or league would handled player misconduct locally.

Exceptions to this are:

  • if the person being brought to discipline is a District or league Administrator/Executive. This should be referred directly to BC Soccer.

  • where the Youth Districts involved have given Jurisdiction to the Inter District League in which they participate.

Affiliated Soccer Clubs - Affiliated Soccer Club in general are empowered to handle any/all matters that are completely internal to the club itself. For example, teams and/or players that are not following the club Code of Conduct.

Exceptions to this would be if the person being brought to Discipline is a Club Administrator/Executive. This should be referred to their district to avoid any clear conflict of interest.

Youth Leagues - Youth Leagues have two main discipline functions.

  1. To uphold discipline decisions imposed by the districts and by BC Soccer.

  2. To administer discipline when the districts/clubs participating in the league have empowered them to do so.

Should you have any questions regarding this, please contact Dan Turvill Manager of Competitions and Discipline at

B.C. Transit boss banned for year as soccer coach for clash with teen ref - November 13, 2016

A reminder that NDSC has a zero tolerance policy for any abuse on referees!  Please read this interesting article.

Moment of Silence for Nov 12/13 Games - November 8th

Please note that all teams playing at home this weekend will be having a moment of silence before the start of their games.  We ask that all parents, players and coaches participate in the observation.

Thank you.


U5 Winter Program Registration

U5 Winter Session Registration Open

Players Born 2012 & 2013

Monday, 5:15pm to 6:00pm or 6:15 to 7:00pm*

Start: January 9, 2017 to End: March 6, 2017

Location: Brooke Elementary Gymnasium - Delta, BC

Register for U5 Winter Soccer HERE

For more information, click HERE

Photo Re-take

 Photo Re-takes are scheduled for Nov 22 at 5:15 at Mackie Clubhouse!

DCS 2005 Intake Coach Appointment Process

Delta Coastal Selects is now receiving coaching applications for the 2005 Intake teams. For more information, please follow the link: HERE.

Deadline October 31, 2006

Training Sessions Cancelled - October 31

  Image result for halloween clipart

All training sessions that fall on Monday, October 31 are cancelled due to it being Halloween!

Academy Cancelled for Friday, October 14th!

Due to the severe weather warning for this evening, Academy/First Touch & Goalie Academy has been cancelled.

If you have received an email to pick up your uniform, pick up has been cancelled as well and your uniform kit will be available for pick up next Friday.

Game Cancellations

Due to the recent weather and due to closures decided by the district, the following games have been cancelled for this Saturday.  Please refer to our website for a list of cancelled games,
Cancelled Games
  • All U6/U7/U8 Games

  • All games scheduled on grass fields.  It is the responsibility of the Coaches to advise their opposing team that the game has been cancelled!

Games to be played:

  • All scheduled games on Delsom field are a GO.

  • Games at Mackie from 12:30pm and on wards will be played unless the turf field is flooded.  We will advise of cancellation on Saturday am if the field is flooded.

Used Soccer Gear Drive - Sunday, October 16

Burnsview Highschool will be hosting a used soccer equipment drive this Sunday, October 16th, between 10-3 at Delsom Park (11299 85 Ave, Delta, BC).  They are looking for gently used cleats.  They will be located at a blue tent between the Turf Field and the Baseball Fields.

The equipment will be sent to children in Kenya and Rwanda where Eric Rajah from "A Better World" has been building schools. These cleats will be put to good use, our hope is that the needy children will be able to play soccer with proper equipment which would make the game more enjoyable for them!

Crazy Hair Day!

U6 to U10

It's Crazy Hair Day on Saturday, October 29th, 2016.
Players and Coaches....bring out the wigs, colored hair spray and hair sparkles!!
(No costumes allowed)
Submit your crazy hair team photos to for a chance to win a Team Pizza Lunch! 
The team most "liked" on social media wins!

Team Winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016.
For any "away" games, it is will be at the discretion of the coaches if they would like to participate in the Crazy Hair Day!

Thanksgiving Tournament Schedule

Thanksgiving Tournament Schedule - Please Click HERE

Thanksgiving Long Weekend

  • No Academy this Friday, October 7th due to the long weekend.
  • No league games on Saturday, October 8th and 9th and No Training Sessions will be held on Monday, October 10th.


Happy Thanksgiving NDSC!


Photo Schedule 2016

Date: October 16, 2016    
Location: Mackie Clubhouse    
8:06am U6 Lawerence Ling
8:12am U6 Malkith Amar
8:18am U6 Pete Stringer
8:24am U6 Shane Stovern
8:30am U6 Shawn De Haan
8:36am U6 Shawn Parsons
8:42am U7 Gurdip Ibarra
8:48am U7 Erroll Hastings
8:54am U9 Gurdip Ibarra
9:00am U7 Ravi Kajla
9:06am U7 Bradley Breedveld
9:12am U7 Giovanny loaisiga
9:18am U7 Ravi kahlon
9:24am U9 Bradley Breedveld
9:36am U7 Shawn De Haan
9:42am U8 Cory Curtis
9:48am U8 Ricky Retel
9:54am U8 Lynsey Nielsen
9:56am U8 Harj Mand
10:00am U8 Jason Landry
10:06am U8 Christopher De Leon
10:12am U8 Chris Waldner
10:18am U8 Aman Singh
10:24am U8 0
10:30am U9 Alex Bashko
10:36am U9 Sherwin Macario
10:42am U9 Ian King
10:48am U9 Steve Rothmund
10:54am U9 Peter (Shane) Roberts
11:00am U9 Mark Vanderende
11:12am U10 Mark Kerr
11:18am U10 Scott Dunlop
 11:24am  U10 Chris Jarvis
11:30am U10 Kevin Burden
11:36am U10 Kevin cliff
11:42am U10 Bill Weel
11:48am U10 Sean Semple
12:00pm U11 Brent Valente
12:06pm U11 Niall Flannery
Break U11 Michael Lang
12:20pm U11 Shawn Hilton
12:26pm U11 Paul Goumans
12:32pm U11 Rob Paton
12:38pm U11 Cary Boyce
12:40pm U11 Nicholas Gren
12:46pm U14 Rob Paton
12:52pm U12 Nathan Erker
1:00pm U12 Ryan Harmer
1:12pm U12 Bill Fasse
1:18pm U12 Kam Loodu
1:24pm U12 Michael Gibbons
1:30pm U12 Mike Methven
1:36pm U12 Susan Saieva
1:42pm U12 0
1:48pm U13 Paul Foster
1:54pm U13 Filipe Vaz
2:00pm U13 Mike Inkster
2:06pm U13 Hari Tiwari
2:12pm U13 Elan Park
2:18pm U14 Primo Espiritu
2:24pm U14 Robie Ralph
2:36pm U14 Amrit Sidhu
2:42pm U15 Dave Partridge
2:48pm U15 Dino Chies
2:54pm U15 Mark Conklin
3:00pm U16 Daniel Hamaoki
3:06pm U16 Arvin Lal
3:12pm U16 Adrian Di Plaza
3:18pm U17 James Cross
3:24pm U17 Chris Adams
3:30pm U17 Ernie Dickson
3:36pm U18 Bruce Gagnon
3:42pm U18 Bruno Gren
3:48pm U18 Rick Sahota

Coastal FC Announces BCSPL Intake Coaches For the 2005-born BCSPL Season Starting September 2017


Coastal Football Club is delighted to announce the appointments of Steven Duffy as head coach of the 2005 born BCSPL Girls intake team, and Nathan Erker as head coach of the 2005 born BCSPL Boys team. Both coaches will spend time working in the Coastal Premier League Academy over the course of the season where they will have the opportunity to work with and scout potential players for their respective groups.

Steven holds a CSA National B coaching license and has been a senior staff coach at Coastal FC for the past 4 years. He is currently coaching BCSPL teams in the U16 Boys and U17 Girls divisions and has also coached male and female teams for BC Soccer in recent years. Steven will continue to lead his current U17 Girls team through to the end of their youth career in June 2017, before the start of the 2005 Intake season in September.

Coastal FC is thrilled to reassign a coach of Steven's caliber back into an age group where players are experiencing the BCSPL level of play for the first time and transitioning to the 11-a-side game. He has played a part in developing some of the best female and male players in Canada over the years, some of whom have gone onto feature in the Whitecaps FC residency and CSA REX programs, while many others went on to play at a Provincial level. His coaching experience from grassroots to high performance levels speaks for itself, and he will be a huge asset in assisting in the development of this intake group. We are certain that those fortunate enough to be selected will feel extremely privileged work with Steven in what will be a top class developmental environment.


Nathan Erker is in the process of gaining his National B coaching license, and has coached at almost every level of youth football over a 22 year period. As a player, Nathan had the privilege of being involved with BC Provincial and CSA National team programs at a youth level before going onto have a successful adult career playing in the VMSL and FVSL Premier League. Since Nathan’s transition into coaching he has worked in various high performance programs with Whitecaps FC in their former Woman’s reserve team, WFC Super Y-League, and also served as a WFC academy coach under Tony Fonseca. Nathan is currently the head coach of the U12 North Delta and U13 Coastal FC Rep programs.

Coastal FC is extremely happy to have retained the services of one of the most experienced and sought after youth coaches in the soccer community. Nathan's continued involvement with the club ensures the delivery of an excellent developmental environment for young aspiring players. His playing experience at youth and adult levels, combined with his ability to connect with young players and pass on knowledge as a coach is among the best around. Those selected will benefit greatly from Nathan's extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for the game.

Mark McQueen, Technical Director of Coastal FC said, "We are delighted to have retained two of the best and most respected coaches available in the soccer community, both of whom are from within our own club and regional partnership at North Delta. It highlights the importance we place on ensuring our players are given the best possible opportunity to succeed in achieving their goals in the sport. Retaining the services of coaches with the playing and coaching experience of Steven and Nathan, is another example of our commitment to excellence, and also why Coastal Football Club is recognized as one of the leading developmental environments in the country”.

September 17th - Minis Season Kick Off

Coaches Games - Monday Nights (Fall)

NDSC is again hosting the Monday night Coach's game. Every Monday night 9:00pm Delsom. Come out for a non competitive kick around with your fellow coaches. We have all levels of players, the more that come out the better! For more information, please email

U14 Div 1 - Soccer Express Tournament

U14 Div 1 team won the SX Cup in their division at the SX Tournament.  Congrats to all the boys and coaches for all their hard work.  Their exciting last game ended in 0-0 and was settled with penatly kicks.  Well done boys!


BC Summer Games - ND Players!

Carter Marcotte and Pierce Moore were the only two players from Delta to make the Vancouver-Coastal zone 5 team for the BC Summer Games this year. The two beat out 200 other players to make the squad and earned silver medals. Congratulations on the achievement and showcasing our club! We wish you both the best of luck ahead of your first year of Metro soccer #prodigy #NDSC #bcsummergames

Coaches Kick Off - Friday, September 16th

All Coaches and/or Team Managers are invited to the:

 Coaches Kick Off Meeting

Friday, September 16th, 2016
Location:  Delta Golf Course
11550 Ladner Trunk Road. Delta, BC

Please note that we are having 2 meetings as follows:
6:30pm to 7:30pm  Coaches U6 - U10 age group

8:00pm to 9:00pm Coaches U11 and above age group
Coaches please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time. 

It is important that all coaches attend  as there is important information for the all coaches to know moving forward this Season

PDS/Development Parent Informational Meetings

We are inviting parents of U8-U12 players to attend an important informational meeting(s). These meetings will be run by our Technical staff and will help parents understand the PDS and Development programs. It will also give parents a chance to ask any questions they may have of the club or for the upcoming season. These age groups have a lot of different moving parts and these meetings are excellent for the parent to understand what the season will entail for there children and exactly how the PDS and Development programs work.
Parents are to attend the session that there son is currently playing this year.
Tuesday September 6th U8-U10 PDS Players,7-8pm at Mackie clubhouse
Tuesday September 6th U-8-U10 Club Players,  8:05 -9 pm at Mackie clubhouse 
Thursday September 8th  U11-U12 Development Players, 7-8 pm at Mackie clubhouse
Thursday September 8th U11-U12 Club Players, 8:05-9pm at Mackie clubhouse
If you have any questions, please email our Technical Staff:
Ajit Briach -

Concussion Training

New for 2016/2017 Season, Coaches and Assistant Coaches will need to complete a 20 minute online Concussion Training Course.  Once Coaches have completed their training, they will need to take a picture/or scan a copy of their certificate and email it to the Age Group Coordinator who will be keeping track of coaches that have completed this important course!

Click HERE to complete the online Training Course

Thanksgiving Tournament


SurDel & North Delta Soccer are pleased to release another year of our Thanksgiving Day Tournament being held on Saturday Oct. 8th and Sunday Oct. 9th. Register early to avoid missing out. Click on the title for more information.


Soccer for Life Course!

Great weekend with our ND Coaches participating in the Soccer for Life Course.  Thanks to all the coaches that came out and completed their coaching certification, well done everyone!




Start of the Season!

Training Sessions Start on the following: 

  • U11 + all teams start the week of September 5th (any teams who have practices schedule on the Monday can request to have a training session on the Friday in lieu of Labour Day)
  • U6-U10 - all teams start the week of September 12th


September 10th - First Game of Season for the following teams:

  • U11, U12, U13 - U18:  Dev/Rep Teams (Division 1 and 2)
  • U13 CLUB

September 17th - First Game of Season for the following teams:

  • U6-U10 CLUB & PDS
  • U11, U12 Club Teams (Division 3 and 4)
  • U13 - U18 Club Teams (Division 3 and 4)


NDSC Academy Training Center

​You’re invited to come to the NDSC Academy Training Center Open House on:

Friday, August 26th, 2016
Delsom Turf

6:30-7:30pm – Players on Field

Registered Academy, First Touch & Goalie players are welcome to come out and kick the ball and meet some of our technical staff!

6:00pm to 7:30pm - Open Registration, Academy Uniform Fitting

Please note that the NDSC Academy Training Center is a separate program that runs every Friday night during the Fall/Winter season.  If you are registered for the Fall/Winter Youth Program (1 Practice and 1 Game per week) and would like to join the Academy, please come out this Friday!


VSML U21 Division Try outs!

NDSC U21 try outs are being held at Delsom Turf at 7:15,  Tuesday's and Thursday's the week of August 8th and August 15th.

Contact team manager Jerry Perez at if you have any questions. 


Summer Group Training


NDSC is hosting Summer Group Training  the week of August 15th and 22nd for registered Fall players.  The Group Training is applicable to the following players:

  • U6-U7 - all Players (Born 2011, 2010)
  • U8-U10 all Players including PDS Players (Born 2009, 2008, 2007)
  • U11 + Club Players only (no development or rep players), (Born 2006 +)

Click HERE to view the schedule.

GIS National Wolves Camp in Phoenix




Academy Registration/Fitting & Whitecaps Ticket Sales


6:30-8:00PM, Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Mackie Clubhouse

Register and get your child fitted for his/her Academy Uniform.

Click HERE for program information or to register online!

Whitecaps vs San Jose
Game on August 12th, 2016, 7pm
$25.00 per ticket



6:30-8:00PM, Wednesday, July 27th

Mackie Clubhouse

Register and get your child fitted for his/her Academy Uniform.

Click HERE for program information or to register online!

Whitecaps vs San Jose
Game on August 12th, 2016, 7pm
$25.00 per ticket



6:30-8:00PM, Wednesday, July 27th

Mackie Clubhouse

Register and get your child fitted for his/her Academy Uniform.

Click HERE for program information or to register online!

Whitecaps vs San Jose
Game on August 12th, 2016, 7pm
$25.00 per ticket

Academy Training Center

New for fall 2016 the academy will now be called The Academy Training Centre. We are constantly striving to put the best product on the field. We have adjusted the programs to incorporate more fun and excitement into the programs while teaching the players the the fundamentals and individual skills of soccer. We are excited to announce that under the supervision of Ajit Braich all our head coaches will be fully accredited this season. Your child will see a energy packed and educational hour of soccer. They will come off the field excited for the next session!

Click HERE for more information.





Upcoming Coaching Courses!

BC Soccer Association is put together a coaching certification mandate that states all coaches in the province most attend and complete a coaching certification course which matches the age of the players they are working with. As a member club of BC Soccer, North Delta would like to fully cooperate with this initiative as we feel coach education a fundamental avenue of support for both new and experienced coaches working with young players.

Here are the list of upcoming courses being held in North Delta. 


  • Fundamentals:  U6-U8  September 10th


  • Learning to Train:  U9-U12, September 10 & 11


  • Soccer for Life:  U13 +,  August 27 & 28


Click HERE for additional information.




Sponsor of the Month!

The North Delta Soccer Club is please to have Retel Financial as one of our sponsors.

Check out their website for services they can provide you and your family!



U16 Div 1 - Congrats!

A big Congratulations to U16 Div 1 - United. They played against Surrey today and lost in overtime, 3-1. It was a tough loss for an amazing team who worked extremely hard! They are 2nd in the province and they should all be very proud of their achievement. Congrats boys, NDSC is proud of you boys. ‪#‎provincialgame‬ ‪#‎congratsboys‬ ‪#‎ndscisproud‬


Upcoming Referee Course

To all U13/U14 players,

We have just scheduled a Small-Sided Referee course in North Delta for Saturday, August 13th.  It will be at Mackie Clubhouse and it is a 1 day course.

We want to give NDSC players first priority at registering for this course (it fills up quickly).  The course is for ages 12-13.  If you are interested please go to BC Soccer website - link: .   The password to register is 'NDSC'.

If you have any questions, please email Gregg at  or call  604-307-8124.


Congrats U16 Div 1!

U16 Div 1 won today against North Vancouver FC Torrent, 2-0.  Fantastic game...well done boys!  Best of luck on Saturday.

July 9th - ND - United vs Kelowna

11:00am, Ambleside Field - Field (West Vancouver)


Congratulations to the following NDSC players that attended the Wolves Academy and were invited to the GIS National Camp in Georgia, Arizona in July!  Well done boys!

  • Brenda Espiritu
  • Mark Glancy
  • Joshua Jones
  • Tanner Milne


Soccer for Life Course


BC Soccer Association is put together a coaching certification mandate that states all coaches in the province most attend and complete a coaching certification course which matches the age of the players they are working with. As a member club of BC Soccer, North Delta would like to fully cooperate with this initiative as we feel coach education a fundamental avenue of support for both new and experienced coaches working with young players.

NDSC will be offering the Soccer for Life Course on August 27 & 28th.  The cost of the course is fully covered by North Delta Soccer and is available for you to register with a user code so there no out of pocket expenses to be reimbursed later.


At this stage, skill training demands and training loads are increased to develop and refine skills and tactics. Tactical awareness becomes an increasingly important facet of training, alongside mental toughness, concentration, and diligence. Elite soccer groups may express interest in recruiting talented young players, but coaches and parents should be careful to recognize and protect the long-term interests of each athlete. Game formats develop from 8v8 to 11v11 (although no 11v11 prior to 13 years of age) as players grow through this stage, and the season moves toward year-round play that includes appropriate rest and recovery periods.
Pre-requisite: N/A
Course Length: 14 hours
Course Fee: $145 (plus $4.25 user fee / system processing fee)
Schedule of Courses and Registration: CLICK HERE  When you arrive here you will need to create a user account than you can register online.
*Please wear suitable clothing to participate in on-field activity.*

User code= Please contact your Coordinator for the USER CODE.

Wolves North American Academy

We had a successful Wolves Camp Academy held at NDSC!  Thank you to all the players that participated in the camp.




Provincial Championship Games

Come out and support our ND U16 Div 1 team at their Provincial Championship Games! 

July7th  ND - United vs Saanich

9:00am, Klahanie Field (West Vancouver)

July 9th - ND - United vs Kelowna

11:00am, Ambelside Field - Field (West Vancouver)

Heath Elementary School Visit


Check out us on Instagram!!

NDSC is on Instagram...check us out! 

#northdeltasoccerclub #soccerforlife


Spring BQ - June 18th!

Registration Open House and Whitecap Ticket Sales

Registration Open House and Whitecap Ticket Sales today!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Delsom Field - South End



NDSC hosts it's first Whitecaps Community Event!

On Thursday, May 26, 2016, North Delta Soccer Club held it's first WhiteCaps Community Event.  It was a fantastic event with over 180 kids attending.  We had Sam Lenarduzzi, Carl Valentine, Kekuta Manneh and Pa Modou Kah out at this exciting event!  We had players out playing soccer coached by Whitecaps Staff and we had autographs signed by our exciting guests.  We had our mascot "Kicker" out and he had a chance to hangout with Spike and BMO Bear (every mascot's dream!).  A big thanks to all the Whitecaps staff for helping make this event an excellent one!!








Funding awarded to North Delta Soccer Club!

We are pleased to announce that the North Delta Soccer Club was awarded $5,000 for funding for the purchase of equipment.  This was a one time contribution and we gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.  Thanks to Scott Hamilton, MLA for coming out and presenting a cheque to our Director of Soccer Operations, Steve Rothmund. And a big thanks also goes to Kim Kendall, Constituency Assistant who was a big part of helping us with this funding!



Congratulations Josh!

Former North Delta Soccer Player, Josh Bauman has been accepted into the Whitecaps Residency Program for the 2016.2017 season.  Josh played with North Delta Soccer until U12 when he then went onto to the U13 Coastal BCSPL team for the 2015.2016 season.  We are extremely proud of Josh and how far he has come.  Congratulation Josh, well done!


NEW C License Coaching Course replaces the B Pretest course in 2016!

BC Soccer is pleased to share that Canada Soccer’s new C License coaching course has been introduced and a BC Soccer hosted course is available to register for on The new C License replaces the B Pretest and is for coaches interested in advancing their soccer knowledge in the 11v11 game (coaching players U13+), for those who are coaching competitive soccer and who are interested in being evaluated to move on in the Licensing Stream pathway.  To read more about the course, please visit BC Soccer’s website:




At our Annual General Meeting on April 24th, a new President was elected.  Corrado Lenzi was voted as the President of the North Delta Soccer Club.  Corrado is currently involved in the Club as a Men's Director for the Men's League.  He currently coaches the U21 Team and is currently Coaching one of the U11 Spring Team.  We are exciting to have Corrado join our Executive Team and look forward to a great season!

The new executive team will be announced in May!  If you are looking to get onto the executive, please email


We would also like to congratulate the following members who received awards at the

Annual General Meeting.

Primo Espiritu, Coach of the Year Award

Jordan Bhullar, Player of the Year Award

Daniel Hamoaki, Volunteer of the Year Award

Pam Gill, Executive of the Year Award


Also a big congratulations to our scholarship recipients:

Mike Steuart

Sheldon Desa

Connor Radford



Wolves North American Academy

Wolves North American Academy

June 20-22nd, 2016

Session Times:

U8-U10  5:00pm - 6:15pm   U11-U12 6:20pm-7:35pm   U13-U18  7:40pm - 8:55pm

These sessions will be held at Mackie & Delsom Turf.

$135 USD per player which includes a North American Academy T-Shirt

To Register click HERE

Coastal Cup winners B Cup!

U16 Division 1 won the Coastal cup B this last weekend.  They beat PUFC 3-1!

A big Congratulations to all the Boys and Coaches!



Community Clinics Logo

For more information, click HERE

Cup Games

U - 16 North Delta United won their game on the Island this weekend.   2  - 1 in overtime!  Congratulations Boys!


U - 13 North Delta United lost to the Island team. Great job to get this far boys, your hardwork paid off!

Next Saturday, April 23 -  Delsom Turf, 2 big Soccer games in the Men's League!!

1:00 pm   U - 21  North Delta Olympics    vs    Sanich

4:00 pm   Masters   North Delta Rangers    vs   Sanich

Let's get out and support your North Delta teams for some great soccer!

Coaches Games - Monday Nights (Spring)

The Monday night coaches game is on Monday's, 9:00-10:00 pm Dennis Elsom Turf till June 25th. Drop in soccer for all abilities and ages. Friendly atmosphere, so come out for the run, some just for the social aspect. Also a great coaching resource, there is a wealth of coaching knowledge that you can pull from.

Any questions feel free to ask:


Annual General Meeting

NDSC Members,

Please be advised that all NDSC members are invited to the Annual General Meeing on Sunday, April 24, 2016 @ 7:00pm at Mackie Clubhouse.  We will be presenting a new and updated constitution at the AGM.

Thank you

Herb Betts 2016

Our Herb Betts Jamboree was a great day and we were visted with a special guest!  Scott Hamilton came out to hand out medals to our mini players. Thanks Scott!  Thanks to all the Parents, Coaches, Players and Volunteers that made this day possible.  It was an amazing event!




DeDutch - 15% Discount for the Month of March!

Our proud sponsor, DeDutch would like to offer North Delta Club Soccer Members a 15% discount off the entire bill until the end of March.  Please mention that you are from North Delta Soccer!

Fresh Slice Pizza - Promo

Our proud sponsor, Fresh Slice Pizza has a promo this weekend for all North Delta Soccer Families - March 5/6

Buy one Extra Large Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza for $9.99 only (save $3 off reg price)
Buy any Feast pizza and get 2nd 50% off

Pick Up only
Please call 778-438 3838 to order.
Please quote that you are from North Delta Soccer!

Delta Youth Soccer Association 2016 Scholarship

  To apply for the DYSA 2016 Scholarship , please click HERE

U13 Team Celtic wins Delta Cup!

A big congratulations to U13 Team Celtic for winning the Delta Cup Today!  Well done boys!!!

Herb Betts Jamboree, U6-U10

U18 vs North Delta Coaches GAME!

Our New Website!

Welcome to North Delta Soccer Club's new website!  A big thank you to our Volunteer Webmaster, Mandeep Dhaliwal for creating our new and exciting website.   We are still working on it so bare with us as we continue to ensure that all content is moved over and that everything is working as it should be.

Thank you for your patience!

NDSC Announces 2 newest sponsors!

We are exciting to have Fresh Slice Pizza and Delta Golf Club as North Delta Soccer Club's sponsors.


2016 Player Assessments

2016 Player Assessments Start in March!

Player must register online and pay the $15 Assessment fee.

A schedule of Assessment times will be posted on our website under schedules.

Be sure to arrive early as players will be checked in and issued numbered pinnies that they will wear during the assessments. We want to make sure the players are on the field participating for the entire session. Players will be given the same number at each session. All players will attend the first two sessions and the third will be by invitation. Technical staff will address the parents at the start of the first session and the end of the second session.

Age levels for the 2016-2017 Fall/Winter Season are as follows:

U11 – players born 2006
U12 – players born 2005
U13 – players born 2004
U14 – players born 2003
U15 – players born 2002
U16 – players born 2001
U17 – players born 2000
U18 – players born 1999

Any questions can be directed to


The Monday night coaches game is back on starting Monday 9:00 pm Dennis Elsom Turf January 25th. Drop in soccer for all abilities and ages. Friendly atmosphere, so come out for the run, some just for the social aspect. Also a great coaching resource, there is a wealth of coaching knowledge that you can pull from.

Any questions feel free to ask:


North Delta Soccer Club welcomes LafargeHolcim as our newest sponsor! We are excited to have them on board!


The North Delta Soccer Club cannot accept registrations from International Students. International Students are not allowed to play with any soccer club within Canada. For more information, please see information here.



  • Last week of Training Sessions before Winter Break - week of Dec 5th
  • Pancake Breakfast - December 10th
  • Last Day of Games before Winter Break - December 10th
  • Make Up Games - December 17th
  • First day back of Training Sessions - Tuesday, January 3rd
  • First game of 2017 - January 7th
  • Herb Betts Jamboree - March 4th

Lost And Found

Tinker Bell

Tinker bell fairies kids umbrella weekend of November 16. Email if found.

Did you lose or find something?

If you lose or find something and want to post a notice here, send a message to


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